Santa and another gift done!

So Santa is starting to drive me bonkers. I bought it thinking it would be a quick finish, but I was wrong. Seems like he's taking forever. The chart is Wanted Santa by Lizzie Kate...

So I decided to do a quick jobby to break it up. This bookmark is for a friend of mine who is an avid reader, I saw this kit on Subversive Cross Stitch and thought it would be perfect for her :)


Slowly making progress

Quick update for my Santa. Been doing some stitching for a few minutes before bed the last few days...it's getting there!

And my first post from my new iPhone 4S! I turned into one of those fanboys who got one on release day. Only took an hour though :)


Xmas gift #2

I started another small project for another gift...

My stitching needs to take a break for a bit...I have a lot of work coming up...so that will eat most of my spare time :( I hope to get caught up soon!


Xmas gift #1 finished!

Well I finished 1 out of at least 4 gifts to make this year...I need to make 2 of these...

A Lizzie Kate chart...

Just need to frame it now :)


My Socks Arrived!

Ok, this is completely off topic...but I'm excited and must share :) I ordered a couple pair of epic socks a couple weeks ago, and they finally arrived!

The boyfriend has doubts I will ever wear them, which I probably won't ALL the time, but a girl can never have too many pairs of awesome socks, right? :D


TOS Progress

Pictures are terrible but here is a quick update. I'm putting this one down for a bit while I work on a couple small projects for Christmas gifts. Also, boss #2 gave me a bunch of work to do now so I may not get much time to do ANY stitching :( ah well. Money, right?


Glow in the Dark

Ok, so I went to Michael's to get some fabric for a couple small projects for Christmas gifts (yikes I know, I started my preparations) and thought about getting some glow in the dark thread. They had 1 skein left. 4$ was the price...compared to 49 cents for regular colors. I thought that was a bit ridiculous but I bought it anyways :P I'm a sucker for halloween-y stuff...since my birthday is Halloween :) I don't have any projects in mind for it yet but I'm sure I can find something :).