Owl finished

All done! :) I love quick finishes...


I'm back! Some updates

So it's been a while since I posted here, and I am sorry. I haven't done much stitching since Christmas, but I started a new project this week which is almost finished. It's small but uber cute :)

First, I finished Santa. I didn't change the text like I wanted to but oh well. I haven't heard anything from my uncle so I am not sure if he liked it or not, or was so overly offended that he disowned me haha!

I started Wendy's Owl by Ships Manor. Fun little pattern...lots of colours :)

And one more thing, I finally tried some embroidery on the weekend! 

Nothing special...just trying out some different stitches. 

That's all folks! Till next time...


Santa progress

I haven't updated in a while, but made some progress with Santa...Bit of beard left the the text, which I might modify...

The pattern says "wanted! Jolly man bearing gifts" ...however, this is a gift for my uncle who happens to be gay lol, and didn't really realize what it said until after I bought it :/ so I'm thinking of changing the words to something less...suggestive LOL. Any suggestions?


Santa and another gift done!

So Santa is starting to drive me bonkers. I bought it thinking it would be a quick finish, but I was wrong. Seems like he's taking forever. The chart is Wanted Santa by Lizzie Kate...

So I decided to do a quick jobby to break it up. This bookmark is for a friend of mine who is an avid reader, I saw this kit on Subversive Cross Stitch and thought it would be perfect for her :)


Slowly making progress

Quick update for my Santa. Been doing some stitching for a few minutes before bed the last few days...it's getting there!

And my first post from my new iPhone 4S! I turned into one of those fanboys who got one on release day. Only took an hour though :)


Xmas gift #2

I started another small project for another gift...

My stitching needs to take a break for a bit...I have a lot of work coming up...so that will eat most of my spare time :( I hope to get caught up soon!


Xmas gift #1 finished!

Well I finished 1 out of at least 4 gifts to make this year...I need to make 2 of these...

A Lizzie Kate chart...

Just need to frame it now :)