Santa progress

I haven't updated in a while, but made some progress with Santa...Bit of beard left the the text, which I might modify...

The pattern says "wanted! Jolly man bearing gifts" ...however, this is a gift for my uncle who happens to be gay lol, and didn't really realize what it said until after I bought it :/ so I'm thinking of changing the words to something less...suggestive LOL. Any suggestions?


Santa and another gift done!

So Santa is starting to drive me bonkers. I bought it thinking it would be a quick finish, but I was wrong. Seems like he's taking forever. The chart is Wanted Santa by Lizzie Kate...

So I decided to do a quick jobby to break it up. This bookmark is for a friend of mine who is an avid reader, I saw this kit on Subversive Cross Stitch and thought it would be perfect for her :)


Slowly making progress

Quick update for my Santa. Been doing some stitching for a few minutes before bed the last few days...it's getting there!

And my first post from my new iPhone 4S! I turned into one of those fanboys who got one on release day. Only took an hour though :)


Xmas gift #2

I started another small project for another gift...

My stitching needs to take a break for a bit...I have a lot of work coming up...so that will eat most of my spare time :( I hope to get caught up soon!


Xmas gift #1 finished!

Well I finished 1 out of at least 4 gifts to make this year...I need to make 2 of these...

A Lizzie Kate chart...

Just need to frame it now :)


My Socks Arrived!

Ok, this is completely off topic...but I'm excited and must share :) I ordered a couple pair of epic socks a couple weeks ago, and they finally arrived!

The boyfriend has doubts I will ever wear them, which I probably won't ALL the time, but a girl can never have too many pairs of awesome socks, right? :D


TOS Progress

Pictures are terrible but here is a quick update. I'm putting this one down for a bit while I work on a couple small projects for Christmas gifts. Also, boss #2 gave me a bunch of work to do now so I may not get much time to do ANY stitching :( ah well. Money, right?


Glow in the Dark

Ok, so I went to Michael's to get some fabric for a couple small projects for Christmas gifts (yikes I know, I started my preparations) and thought about getting some glow in the dark thread. They had 1 skein left. 4$ was the price...compared to 49 cents for regular colors. I thought that was a bit ridiculous but I bought it anyways :P I'm a sucker for halloween-y stuff...since my birthday is Halloween :) I don't have any projects in mind for it yet but I'm sure I can find something :).


My winnings arrived! :)

Eeee the cuteness I won from Flossy Bobbin arrived the other day! So excited. Makes me want to learn to crochet so I can make my own cute thingy majigs :D

TOS progress

I managed to finish parts 2 and 3...and started part 4. I hate French knots :(


Tree of Stitches started!

So I finally started Abi's Tree of stitches chart. I finished the first part...the "trunk". Looking forward to doing the other stitches :)

On a side note, I loathe black evenweave haha



Another small victory! Started this last night because I was alone and bored, finished it tonight! It's a lot smaller than I was expecting, but with the star thingies around it, it fits in a 5x7 frame nicely. Amazing, a finish that will fit in a standard size frame! ;) pattern was found on Sprite Stitch.

 Update: Framed and a better picture :)


Another Finish

Yay so I finally found some time to work on my little piece I started a few weeks ago. Been so busy with work and summer that I hadn't even had time to look at it. I even bought a frame for it a while back when they were on sale.

The lovely blackwork border is from Hardcore StitchCorps found here. 

Can you decode the message? ;)


I Won! :D

I'm so excited, because I never win anything. Ever. But I won Flossy Bobbin's cute little giveaway! I picked the red heffalump and the white owl. Very excited for them to arrive :D

Back to work now :\

PS, small stitch update coming soon....I think. ;)



Finally! I managed to find some time the last few days to finally put dog lessons to an end LOL my goal was to finish it by end of June....I'm only...like...a month and a half behind schedule....that's not that bad...right?? Yes Mel it is. but work kept me so busy and my boyfriend bought a motorcycle, so those both ate all my spare time. Speaking of which...I am taking the motorcycle safety course in 2 weeks to get my license....then if all goes well get my own bike next spring :) super excited! Fingers crossed for me!

Now I will head out tomorrow to find a frame for this albatross and hang it on my wall. Then on to the next one...haven't decided what I will do next yet...many small projects on my list. 

Until next time :)

My babies Tyra and Crush staying cool in a freshly dug hole :)


Dog Lessons...goal is fading...

So here it is...4 days before the end of June...and I still have a lot of work to do to finish Dog Lessons #2. I have the entire top title...all of the little pictures, and part of the last line of text. Not going to happen. I have had a lot of work to do at home and just haven't had the time. *sigh* maybe end of July....


New small stitch

So I took a break from my second "dog lessons" to do something a little different. I made up the pattern last night and started stitching....I got most of it finished last night but had to go to bed...but I finished it this afternoon. I'm going to get a small frame for it this weekend and hand it somewhere in the house...

I think it's neat...subliminal message :P


Started another Dog Lessons

So I found the motivation to start a second "dog lessons". I've got a few hours into it so far...My goal is to finish it by the end of June...we will see how that goes :P


2 more projects finished!

So I finally finished Dog Lessons, like 6 weeks ago LOL (April 15), framed it, and it is ready for the greyhound auction!

I love it. I need to do ay least 1 more (for myself of course :) ) I have all the stuff to do it but I find it hard to start all over again...someday....

After I finished that I started on another smaller project. "Bitter Luigi" found on the Sprite Stitch blog. I finished that last week :)

I bought some black evenweave on ebay a few weeks ago, with intentions to do a couple small projects on it but haven't got around to starting anything new yet. Maybe today...


Another update

Progress so far...


Update on Dog Lessons

So here is where I am as of a couple days ago. I am actually a bit further than this...I have "lots" and the dog bowl finished (that go in front of "of water" :) I'm just too lazy to take a new picture haha.


New Stitch, Dog Lessons for People

So I started a new project the other night (I never seem to take a break). I'm doing Lizzie Kates's Dog Lessons for People. I love it so much, I love my dogs and stitching about dogs seems like such a good match :) I will probably end up making at least 3 of these: the first one I am donating to the annual online auction that my greyhound adoption group does every year. It needs to be done for May so first one goes to that. Second will probably be for myself :) can't make a few of these and not keep one for myself haha. Third will probably be a Christmas gift for a couple good friends of mine who have lots of fur babies of their own. I've got 1.5 of 7 lines done so far, so it shouldn't take too long to finish it (it's my 3rd night working on it). This is my first time working with even weave as well, I like it. It looks so much better I find when there is exposed fabric.


Adventure Island 2 stitch...5400 stitched later...finished!

Yay I finally finished it last night! 

I love it...Just need to mount it somehow. Adventure Island is one of my favorite NES games...I used to play it all the time as a kid. There aren't many (or any) patterns out there for AI so I put this one together myself. Turned out pretty good for my first pattern :)


Taking foreverrrr

So my new project that I'm working on is larger in terms of # of stitches than the other 2. It's 5400 stitches with a blue background. I hate the blue. I'm starting to hate the thought of the color blue LOL I'm almost half done the background (the image itself is finished). I haven't had much time to work on it with work and housework and everything else in between. My goal is to finish it by the end of next week. Let's see if I can do it....


First "actual" post...

So I started the blog but haven't posted anything legitimate yet haha. So I will post a few pics of the couple projects I have done since Christmas...

Mario Across the Ages...
pattern found on Sprite Stitch

Betty Boop
Pattern found here

I still need to mount them somehow...either frame them or figure something else out. The odd sizes make it a challenge.

I'm working on a new project right now, almost finished, but I won't post pics until it's all done :)


First Post

So, my blogging virginity is being taken from me. To be honest I started a blog to follow some great cross stitch blogs of other peoples'. But I'm sure I will share some stuff of my own along the way. Let the blogging begin :)