I'm back! Some updates

So it's been a while since I posted here, and I am sorry. I haven't done much stitching since Christmas, but I started a new project this week which is almost finished. It's small but uber cute :)

First, I finished Santa. I didn't change the text like I wanted to but oh well. I haven't heard anything from my uncle so I am not sure if he liked it or not, or was so overly offended that he disowned me haha!

I started Wendy's Owl by Ships Manor. Fun little pattern...lots of colours :)

And one more thing, I finally tried some embroidery on the weekend! 

Nothing special...just trying out some different stitches. 

That's all folks! Till next time...

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  1. Love that Santa, it's in my must stitch pile somewhere lol, if you are worried about what your uncle thinks the best thing would be to ask him, you'll probably find that he's not even thought of it that way. Love the look if the owl pattern so far & well done for trying something new, the butterfly fabric your working on looks lovely :)