New Stitch, Dog Lessons for People

So I started a new project the other night (I never seem to take a break). I'm doing Lizzie Kates's Dog Lessons for People. I love it so much, I love my dogs and stitching about dogs seems like such a good match :) I will probably end up making at least 3 of these: the first one I am donating to the annual online auction that my greyhound adoption group does every year. It needs to be done for May so first one goes to that. Second will probably be for myself :) can't make a few of these and not keep one for myself haha. Third will probably be a Christmas gift for a couple good friends of mine who have lots of fur babies of their own. I've got 1.5 of 7 lines done so far, so it shouldn't take too long to finish it (it's my 3rd night working on it). This is my first time working with even weave as well, I like it. It looks so much better I find when there is exposed fabric.


  1. I LOVE this chart, have it in my "to do" pile and ordered the fabric this week, you've made a great start :D

    Flossy x

  2. It's great isn't it? Thanks, good luck with yours :)