Finally! I managed to find some time the last few days to finally put dog lessons to an end LOL my goal was to finish it by end of June....I'm only...like...a month and a half behind schedule....that's not that bad...right?? Yes Mel it is. but work kept me so busy and my boyfriend bought a motorcycle, so those both ate all my spare time. Speaking of which...I am taking the motorcycle safety course in 2 weeks to get my license....then if all goes well get my own bike next spring :) super excited! Fingers crossed for me!

Now I will head out tomorrow to find a frame for this albatross and hang it on my wall. Then on to the next one...haven't decided what I will do next yet...many small projects on my list. 

Until next time :)

My babies Tyra and Crush staying cool in a freshly dug hole :)

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