Another Finish

Yay so I finally found some time to work on my little piece I started a few weeks ago. Been so busy with work and summer that I hadn't even had time to look at it. I even bought a frame for it a while back when they were on sale.

The lovely blackwork border is from Hardcore StitchCorps found here. 

Can you decode the message? ;)


  1. No, you need a phone that doesn't have a cord attached to a plug in the wall! hahaha

    I have a landline and a 5 year old clamshell which can't take calls at home because we live too far from the mast. The large boy walks around with it until he hits a signal when I want to send a text. But £20 credit lasts me months so I keep it!

  2. LOL It's funny, we live in the city now and only have cell phones. We used to live in the country and just like you, had no service because we were in the middle of nowhere, so we had a landline :)

    Message says Mel + Jay = <3 :) (Jay being the hubby)

  3. That is awesome! ;) A quilter in BC did a black and white quilt using that code too!

    stitching in Saskatoon